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Providing class leading performance, long life and zero maintenance. 

Lithuanian product of the year 2017 and 2020

IR Illuminators

IR Illuminators

Product Features

Osram diodes.png

Emitlight illuminators use the highest “Osram” LEDs, which generate the highest flow of light relative to the consumed energy.

Special lenses.png

Emitlight illuminators have special lenses pointing the light rays to the required direction. After selecting the preferred illumination, there is a possibility to increase its intensity in a certain place.

New design standart.png

Emitlight IR illuminators feature a unibody design which is a combination of an effective cooling system and an especially modern styling. It ensures stability and tightness. The specially created ground-breaking body guarantees long lifespan of the unit.

Protective glass.png

A front glass element of the Emitlight illuminators is made of a high-quality material, which transmits up to 96% of light.

Simple use.png

Emitlight illuminators have all of the necessary key functions and are not excessively complicated. Therefore, they distinguish themselves for- simple use and adjustment.


The “3M VHB™” technology used in the Emitlight illuminators ensures the tightness of the unit. It does not allow the moisture to get inside of the body from the outside. The Emitlight illuminators conform to the IP67 standards. Furthermore, a special Goretex™ membrane protects the unit from pressure differences inside of it, stops it from deforming and ensures the long-term tightness of the body.

Image by Jeff Lemond
Emitlight is a valuable manufacturer of good quality products.
It is a nice collaboration to design custom-made solutions for our market.
And we are happy as Gold-IP to have this professional and friendly customer service.
We are looking forward to the upcoming years.
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