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Emitlight awarded as Lithuanian product of the year 2017

December 2017 Emitlight IR illuminators were acknowledged in Lithuania and received a golden medal in Lithuanian product of the year 2017 awards.

The aim of Lithuanian product of the year competition is to increase competitiveness of high quality Lithuanian products and to present them both for Lithuanian and global markets. Also, it aims at promoting products export by highlighting the best quality Lithuanian products.

Innovative Emitlight IR illuminators improve the quality of images recorded by CCTV cameras at night or under the poor weather conditions, by illuminating the rays non-visible by a man but fixated by cameras.

“We started to produce these illuminators when we were looking for solution, meeting the needs of our company, as we noticed within years, that many products have various problems related to cooling, quality and durability ensuring, etc. After trying IR illuminators of various producers and analyzing their weak points we have started producing our own illuminators, where we have corrected the shortcomings in competitors’ products and converted them into our exceptional advantages“, says Mishel Shtivelberg, Director of commerce, with 10 years’ experience in security field.

According to M. Shtivelberg, one of the most prominent technological advantages of Emitlight is device illumination, which due to the company’s “know-how“ is much more effective if compared to equivalent products of competitors, as Emitlight generate the highest flow of light according to the consumed energy.

„We have paid a great deal of attention to the body of our device, which ensures tightness and effective cooling. We have also installed special lenses directing the light rays to the required direction. We use the highest class and long-life Osram SMD diodes, which generate the highest flow of light and are protected by the glass made from the high-quality material SolarisIR™. Such combination allows us to offer a huge 5 year warranty. Emitlight IR illuminators combine modern industrial design, high quality, reliability and user friendly price”, says Saulius Vaičiulis, Technical Director of company Altas IT owning Emitlight trademark.


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