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At Gulf Traffic in Dubai, Emitlight Presented New Product for Traffic Management

As the population is growing and the quality of life rises, the number of vehicles increases, along with traffic on the roads and, at some point, it effects climate changes. For this reason, the EU is taking tough decisions and encouraging companies to develop solutions in order to control traffic flow. Altas IT saw a huge demand for an innovative system, and introduces traffic control and monitoring system to the market. Altas IT, having many years of experience in the field of video surveillance systems, alongside Kaunas University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics and Electronics (KTU EEF) led by prof. dr. Darius Andriukaitis, created smart traffic monitoring system.

No matter what the road surface, the Emitlight Compact Traffic Sensor will collect the data about traffic, vehicle classification, highly accurate average speed measurement and plate numbers of vehicles at any time of the day and under any weather conditions.

Emitlight traffic sensor - which is being launched at Gulf Traffic - is only 100mm square and comes in several lengths up to 400mm - extremely compact. It comes with a standard cable length of 3m and is installed only few centimetres below the road’s surface - lengthwise in the middle of a lane- meaning there is minimal disruption to the route.

The unit will be able to operate in a wide range of different environments: from Dubai at the temperature of around 80°C to Canada in conditions of -35°C, says Vaidas Jucius, head of department at Altas IT.

Power for a unit is only 5V and current is 150mA. A GSM connection can send data to a collection centre or data can be collected on site for later downloading. To increase the system’s versatility, it can be connected to other devices, such as, cameras and electronic road signs, in order to activate them for even more in-depth data collection.


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