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Emitlight IR illuminators have been installed around the Photovoltic power plants in Namibia.

Emitlight in partnership with Mobotix and its partner Prodis, keep the invisible lights on with 24/7 PerimeterSecurity. Emitlight’s infrared lighting, along with Mobotix cameras, is installed around two x 10 MegaWatt Photovoltaic power plants in Namibia – working even at night time.

In recent years Namibia, a country in southwest Africa, distinguished by the Namib Desert along its Atlantic Ocean coast, started to heavily invest in renewable energy sources. The government seeks to reduce Namibia’s dependence on energy imports, increase access to reliable and affordable electricity for all consumers, as well as, support Namibia’s economic growth and employment enhancement targets.

The low power consumption of Emitlight’s infrared lighting and Mobotix Cameras offers a truly of the grid, green solution with high efficiency to protect these investments. Furthermore, effective cooling system of Emitlight allows to use such solution in the desert without any concerns about temperature changes. It ensures stability and tightness. The specially created ground-breaking body guarantees long lifespan of the unit.


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