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Emitlight has presented most recent develompents at Intersec 2020 in Dubai

Emitlight team had a pleasure to join Mobotix at their booth as Technolohy Partner at World’s leading security, safety, and fire protection trade show in the Middle East. Intersec took its place on the 19th to 21st of January 2020 in Dubai.

It was great to see all our partners, and meet new connections to whom we had chance to present most recent develompents such as Intelligent Illuminator, this illuminator is rightfully called as intelligent because it can be programmed in a way you want it to perform rather than giving you access to the most basic features without optimizing opportunities. Being supportive of such functions as dimming light or boost control, able to select light intensity according to the external temperature to avoid overheating and having an automatic ‘on/off’ feature, it becomes also a great energy saver and a very trustful device. As well as, we had chance to present Whit Light ring, which is used for covert illumination rooms or offices where it is not necessary to have an intensive light, but there must be an emergency light. Furthermore we had presented Traffic Flow Sensor which has been first presented to the market in December 2019 in Dubai and has numer of advantages, like will collecting the data about traffic, vehicle classification, highly accurate average speed measurement and plate numbers of vehicles at any time of day and under any weather conditioner.

It was amazing to share knowledge and ideas, which one day might change the world to the better and we hope to see all of our partners next year in Dubai at Intersec.


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