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Emitlight awarded as Lithuanian product of the year 2020

December 2020 Emitlight Virtual Nurse Assistant was acknowledged in Lithuania and received a silver  medal as Lithuanian product of the year awards.

The aim of Lithuanian product of the year competition is to increase competitiveness of high quality Lithuanian products and to present them both for Lithuanian and global markets. Also, it aims at promoting products export by highlighting the best quality Lithuanian products.

The Virtual nurse assistant - a device that allows medical staff to remotely obtain information about patient movement. The healthcare professionals can care for more patients at one time, knowing that a smart system helps care for patients using a variety of parameters. The system allows the detection of atypical patient behaviors that can be life-threatening: the patient falls out of bed and does not move, the patient leaves the ward (went out to the bathroom or simply left the treatment facility) for a longer than usual time. The help button system allows you to call for help and communicate with the nursing staff via a mutual audio channel.

We are fortunate that Emitlight promotes the competitiveness of high-quality Lithuanian products and increases the development of Lithuanian business. This award is the perfect proof that business is expanding its capabilities despite various challenges in both domestic and global markets.


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