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Emitlight presented new developments at ESSEN Security Exhibition

Emitlight has developed significantly over the recent years with new products released and more coming soon which the team successfully showcased during one of the biggest security trades – Essen – on 25th-28th September in Germany, Dusseldorf. Close to 1000 exhibitors from all over the world got united by a common goal to present their innovative solutions in all areas of the security sector – from fire prevention, cyber security and CCTV to the protection of outdoor spaces.

Emitlight was welcoming its valuable visitors in Hall 7 at Booth 7D22 which in terms of design was both modern and functional that gave a good product sense to everybody. The visitors were given a possibility to look over different types of the illuminators, their cases and mounting options. The product range the company was presenting included IR illuminators of different sizes, dual and triple variations, white light illuminators that emit visible light, hybrid series that combine both the IR and white light, the IR Ring which enables a view of 360 degrees and a prototype of a new product which is yet to be launched – an intelligent IR illuminator which can be controlled by any IP device (mobile phone, tablet, PC, etc.). and has a number of upgraded but also newly integrated components.

The new intelligent illuminator is rightfully called as intelligent because it can be programmed in a way you want it to perform rather than giving you access to the most basic features without optimizing opportunities. Being supportive of such functions as dimming light or boost control, able to select light intensity according to the external temperature to avoid overheating and having an automatic ‘on/off’ feature, it becomes also a great energy saver and a very trustful device. On the other hand, by following a given script it can also itself manage other illuminators in the network (e.g. by sending a signal to boost light in a specific place to the illuminator which is located within a shorter distance from the spot of interest). A combination of IR and white light can also be integrated and adapted to a smart home system upon preference.

The visitors coming from almost any corner of the world were pleasantly surprised especially with such characteristics of Emitlight products as their solid aluminum body, which almost does not have substitutes on the market, as well as their ability to cover long distances of up to 750 m (can vary depending on the camera they are used together with). The integrators and distributors from such countries as the UAE, Israel, USA, etc. where air temperatures are typically higher than in the rest of the world made an important remark that one of the essential benefits of Emitlight goods is also the operating temperature which can go as high as +60 degrees without creating stress for the illuminator.

Overall, the motivated and results driven team of Emitlight admits the goal of raising brand awareness by attending this large-scale international event was achieved. The team exchanged contacts with numerous prospects and at this point is already at the stage of processing several deals. It was also not only about business but, in general, about having friendly and open-minded conversations with people who have the same mindset as well as sharing knowledge and ideas which one day might change the world to the better.


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