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Lithuanian product of the year 2017


Emitlight brand belongs to the leader of security solutions – “Altas” business group which has accumulated the long-term experience in various production since 1992. The Company expands its product assortment and offers effective illumination products.


The Emitlight IR illuminator is the high-class infrared illuminator, which can be applied to any CCTV camera, ensuring the high quality image recorded by the cameras at night or under the poor weather conditions.

Illuminators distinguish themselves for the design, especially durable moisture-proof body of alluminum, low power consumption, and an even distribution of light


The highest class “Osram SMD” diodes are used in the Emitlight illuminators, which generate the highest flow of light according to the consumed energy.

The Emitlight illuminators have all necessary key functions and are not excessively complicated; therefore, the illuminators distinguish themselves for the attractive price and simple use and adjustment.

New design standard. The body of the Emitlight illuminators is the combination of an especially modern design and effective cooling system.

The Emitlight illuminators have special lenses directing the light rays to the required direction. After selecting the required illumination, there is a possibility to increase the intensity of illumination in the required place.

The protective glass of the Emitlight illuminator is made of the high-quality material SolarisIR, conducting not less than 96% IRs of light.

The Emitlight illuminators are made of the one-piece aluminum body. It ensures the stability, tightness and effective cooling system. The specially created ground-breaking body guarantees the longer service life of the unit. 

The “3M VHB” technology used in the Emitlight illuminators ensures the tightness of the unit - does not allow for the moisture to get inside the body from outside. The Emitlight illuminators conform to the IP67 standards.

The special Goretex membrane is mounted in the Emitlight illuminators, which eliminates the pressure changes inside the unit and does not allow for it deforming itself, ensures the long-term tightness of the body.



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